Wednesday, February 25, 2015


© Billy Hathorn/Wikimedia
Today I was reading an article on MSN.COM Money one of my favorite sites. I ran across this article about U.S. Postal Service, FedEx Have New Competition…from Waffle House  Apparently I missed out on the emergence of UBER, the company that allows individuals to contract rides around town for a fee.

This is one of those contract ideas that I would have love to been ahead of the curve on. The other day I typed an article about how instead of jobs that are 9 to 5 there are contract temp jobs that don't pay benefits but if you could monetize something that is already occurring and have the ability to make it pay out you have effectively come up with a great side hustle. I say forget the 9 to 5 figure out a way to facilitate the side hustle. Some think the side hustle is a bad thing. I think Ideas like Rodie and Uber are exciting. 

About Roadie Inc.

Roadie, headquartered in Atlanta, has created an app-based community that puts unused capacity in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people with stuff to send with drivers heading in the right direction. Roadie’s model enables efficient, low cost delivery for senders and rewards drivers for trips they were already taking. Roadie is backed by Warren Stephens of Stephens Inc.; the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund; Eric Schmidt’s TomorrowVentures; Guggenheim Partners’ Executive Chairman Alan Schwartz, Square Co-founder Jim McKelvey; the Mellon Group; former CEO of ISS Tom Noonan, and H. Barton Asset Management, among others.
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